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Does my business need a marketing agency?

By December 12, 2019February 4th, 202116 Comments

At some point in a business’s lifespan, they will need to use some form of marketing strategy that will enable them to grow into a much large business. For many businesses, especially start-up business they may feel it would be more productive to outsource the marketing they need to a third party company. When we are in an initial meeting with a client a question we very often get is do you think we need a marketing agency yet?

For many small businesses, they may feel that the current social media strategy is working and they are seeing growth from the effort they are putting in which is brilliant! But marketing goes outside of social media. Marketing in the 21st century includes everything all the way from social media, through CPC (cost per click) Analytics, graphic design all the way to e-commerce and software management.

As any small business will know, there is so much you can do to generate more business, the issue with what many small business owners think is that they do not need an online presence. Within the age that we are living an online presence is essential to the growth and sustainability of your business. Many people will pick their phone or laptop up before leaving the house to ensure that the business is visiting is one of two things. Real and reliable. With the growth of the World Wide Web comes the reliability that people place upon it.

As a marketing agency ourselves, we will always advise that you take on a marketing company to manage your online presence. However, if your business is utilizing the tools online, and you are seeing a growth month on month then as impartial advise you do not need to employ a marketing company.

There are many benefits to employing a marketing company to manage your online presence for you though including:

  • Free up Time- If someone else is managing your marketing you have time to concentrate on the more important tasks.
  • High-Quality Design- You customers want to see what you can offer, your social media is there to demonstrate this to a high level and a good level of graphic design will demonstrate this.
  • Branding Specialists-  Sometimes we need a little help to get the branding for our business right and to ensure that it is consistent acorss all platforms.


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